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Competition Teams

BDA is home to KinderCrew, BDA Performance Team, and the national award-winning BDA Dance Company.

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BDA KinderCrew

KinderCrew was created for the youngest dancers who aspire to dance competitively. Being part of the KinderCrew team is a fun and rewarding way for kids to learn important life skills like discipline, perseverance, communication, cooperation, and most importantly, teamwork. 


Through dance, kids get better at expressing themselves creatively, building self-confidence and leadership skills in a positive and supportive environment. Working together as a team, KinderCrew dancers make life-long friends while having fun competing on the stage! 

BDA KinderCrew Awards & Recognition

  • Rainbow - 1st Overall 5 & under Small Group

  • Rainbow - ​Most Entertaining Award


  • Legacy - Too Cute Special Award

  • ​Legacy - 3rd Overall Novice Mini Small Group

Email us to learn more about BDA Kinder Crew.

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BDA Performance Team

BDA Performance Team provides its members with incredible opportunities to showcase their talent. They participate in conventions, competitions, performances at sporting events and BDA's annual recital, allowing them to share their artistry with diverse audiences.


But it's not just about dance for the BDA Performance Team. Through their involvement, team members gain invaluable life lessons. They learn the significance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Moreover, these dancers learn what it means to be a phenomenal team member by learning to collaborate with, respect and encourage one another.


With an unwavering commitment to both the art of dance and personal development, the BDA Performance Team is a place where dancers flourish, grow, and thrive. It is a community that allows dancers to nurture their passion, improve their skills, and instills values that extend far beyond the dance floor.

BDA Performance Team Awards & Recognition

  • PT Petite Jazz - Hero - A+ Timing Judges Award - Rainbow

  • PT Teen Jazz - Let’s Get Loud - Sassy Senoritas Judges Award - Legacy

  • PT Teen HH - Divas - HH Madness Judges Award - Legacy

Email us to learn more about BDA Performance Team.

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BDA Dance Company

As a Dance Company, we are constantly striving for improvement to better ourselves not only as dancers and teammates but also thoughtful and intentional individuals.


We utilize competition and constructive criticism to help us continue to flourish and succeed on our journey. Strong friendships and memories are developed along the way and no matter the outcome we represent BDA with pride!

BDA Dance Company Awards & Recognition

  • 2023 Nexstar Diamond Studio Club

  • 2023 12 and under Legacy Award

  • 2023 Nexstar 11 and under Hip Hop Excellence Award

  • 2023 Nexstar 12 and over Hip Hop Excellence Award

  • 2022 Dupree Class Act Award

  • 2022 Inferno Studio on Fire Award

  • 2022 Revolution 11 and under Hip Hop Excellence Award

  • 2022 Revolution 12 and over Hip Hop Excellence Award

  • 2021 Starz Starzmanship Award

  • 2021 12 and under Legacy Award

  • 2021 13 and over Legacy Award

  • 2021 Groove ADCC Studio of Excellence

Email us to learn more about BDA Dance Company

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