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Susan Malloy

Susan began dancing at BDA Dance when she was four years old. She trained in all genres of dance, were she discovered her passion for acrobatics. She continued tumbling for many years.  Taking multiple acrobat classes weekly, and tumbling on a competitive cheer squad.

She has over 20 years of technical training in acrobatics. Starting as an assistant at Carolyn’s Toe N Tap, and continuing on as their primary instructor. She continued to participate as a student to actively practice her curriculum. Through this time she has created an unconditional love for teaching acrobats.

Susan is currently certified in the world wide Acrobatic Arts program. This curriculum offers 12 levels of training focusing on flexibility, strength conditioning, balancing technique, limbering skills, and tumbling. Starting at primary level, and progressing all the way to pre-professional training.

As BDA’s Acrobatic Director, Susan is always eager to share her knowledge. She strives to safely build strong tumblers and dancers. As a very hands on instructor, she looks forward to leading her students to their highest potential.

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